4 reasons why Manchester United might never be successful under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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The early signs after a promising transfer window is suggesting that Manchester United might never achieve success under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

Despite starting the campaign without a defeat in the Premier League, the Red Devils have struggled to showcase eye-catching performances so far this season.  

The defeat against Young Boys in the Champions League has also exposed the frailties of the manager’s plan. Playing negative minded football with the talents like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba on the pitch, was daunting to watch for the Red Devils fans. 

4 reasons why Manchester United won’t be successful under Solskjaer:

4. Unimaginative with possession:

Manchester United have struggled to find answers against deep-lying defences throughout the managerial tenure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Red Devils have found it difficult to play out from the back quickly and stretch the opposition defensive line to open the goalmouth. 

Both centre-backs take a lot of time to release the ball which give the opposition defence ample time to organize. Playing long diagonal balls from defence to the wing is one of the ways to stretch the opposition to open up spaces between the lines. But, the Red Devils’ defensive pairing are not so keen on delivering such passes. 

So, despite having a decent record against the big six sides in the league, Solskjaer’s side haven’t had great success against relatively weaker opponents. There haven’t been any signs of improvement in this season either to suggest that Manchester United will overcome that problem. 

3. Failing to press opposition:

Solskjaer hasn’t been able to deploy a structural pressing system since arriving at the club. The Norwegian has expressed his desire to play high-pressing expansive football. But, the Red Devils do not have a great structure to press the opposition higher up the pitch. 

Manchester United forward players try to press the opposition defence, but the midfield and defence stay back which creates a huge hole in the midfield and the opponents use that space to play through the Red Devils press seamlessly. 

2. Clueless substitutions:

The Norwegian manager has showcased his naivety and lack of match reading efficiency time and time again since becoming the Red Devils manager. There are plenty of examples like against Sevilla in the Europa League semi-final in 19/20 season, Champions League group stage against RB Leipzig last season, Europa League final against Villarreal and Southampton in this season. 

He either takes too long to make the right substitution at the right time or make the right choices when it is too late. The manager has very little idea of who should be used in which circumstances and who shouldn’t be. 

Despite buying plenty of players, the manager does not like to rotate his squad either. Having spent almost three years at Old Trafford, the manager failed to learn from the past and rectify for the future. 

1, lack of consistency:

Manchester United have shown that they can be unplayable at some matches and they can become completely anonymous in others. Although the new season has just started, Solskjaer’s side have shown their inconsistencies. 

After thrashing Leeds United in the opening day, the Red Devils displayed a poor performance against Southampton in the following fixture. The same thing happened again when they lost to Young Boys on the back of a terrific victory against Newcastle United. 

So, in order to challenge Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City for the league title, the Red Devils have to be more adventurous and proactive in their games. They have not been able to produce that kind of performance consistently during Solskjaer’s tenure and it is hard to imagine that it will come anytime soon. 

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