Football news today: Ferdinand expresses his verdict on the recent slump of Manchester United

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Football news today: Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has denounced the Red Devils hierarchy for the lack of authority around his former club. 

The Old Trafford outfit haven’t been able to match the fans’ lofty ambitions since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, as the club failed to win either Premier League or Champions League over the last decade and they aren’t looking likely to bridge that gap any time soon. 

Speaking on his YouTube channel, quoted by MEN, Ferdinand said that the biggest mistake United made in recent years was letting some people who are in players’ circles, disrespect the club. The club’s hierarchy should have stopped them from doing that and when they allowed it to happen other players got the chance to do the same. He said:

“I think Man United’s biggest mistake they’ve made in recent years is allowing certain players and people externally who are part of players’ circles and networks to disrespect the club publicly. They haven’t slammed the door shut in their face and really put them people in the place they should be.

“You can’t allow that because the minute you allow that once, one step out of line, other players and people in their circles start thinking ‘oh he got away with it, I’ll say my thing because there’s no repercussions, my player isn’t going to come under any type of fire at the club,’ no.

“You nail that person immediately and I don’t understand… that’s the mistake hierarchy at the football club in recent years have done poorly. They’ve let stuff slide too much. They’ve got to be drilled those people.”

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Football news today: Despite spending big in the transfer market, Manchester United have gone backwards since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. So, the lack of competency inside the Red Devils’ hierarchy is apparent in recent years. 

The Old Trafford outfit have made bad decisions under the Chief Executive Vice-chairman Ed Woodward and the United faithful will be hoping that things will get better after his departure. Richard Arnold will become the new CEO of the club from the start of February and it will be interesting to see how much change the fans can experience from now on. 

Few reports were suggesting that the new Red Devils CEO does not want to be involved in the football side of the business and wants to allow the specialists to take care of that. And it will be interesting to see if that happens in reality or not. 

Manchester United have appointed Ralf Rangnick for the interim managerial role and the club should utilize his experience and knowledge to make better decisions in transfer business and in appointing the right manager at the end of this season. 

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